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Total Quality Management

 Total Quality Management

Quality has become a critical success factor with one company. We implement Total Quality Management (TQM) has many years, TQM throughout the entire product life cycle. TQM include four quality management processes: Design process, Manufacturing process, Assist process, The use of processes.

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1. TQM in Design process
     Product design process is the most important part of total quality management. Design process including market research, product design, process preparation, trial and Layout process (all the technical preparation process before the product is officially put into operation).
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2. TQM in Manufacturing Process
     TQM in manufacturing process includes organizational quality inspection, organize and promote civilized production, organizational quality analysis, quality control dynamic, quality control organization process, establish a management point etc.
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    3. Quality Inspection
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    LEDs  Material Inspection        Driver Material Inspection          SMT process Inspection          Assembly  Inspection
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            Assembly  Inspection           
        Assembly  Inspection
                          Burning Inspection           Warehous Output  Inspection               

    4.Main Measuring equipment and Capability
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     Lamp photometric sphere tester 
    Brand: Evenfine HASS 2000
    Qty: 2 Set
    Sphere: 1.8 m Dimension
    Spectral range: 380-780nm
    Spectral resolution:1nm
    Wavelength accuracy:±0.3nm
    Measurable items:
    Relative Spectral Power Distribution from 200nm-2550nm
    Chromaticity coordinate
    1931 Chromaticity (x, y)
    1976 Chromaticity (u’,v’)
    Dominant Wavelength
    Color Purity
    Color Temperature
    Color Rendering Index
    Peak Wavelength
    Spectral Bandwidth (FWHM)
    Red Ratio
    Luminous Flux/radiant flux (Equipped with integrating sphere)
    UV weighted radiometry quantities
    IR weighted radiometry quantities
    Photobiological safety analyzing software